❤ Floral Monogram Alphabet Letters

Graphic Spirit
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I present to you this stunning collection of vintage floral monograms.

🌹 Note: Each letter has a DIFFERENT flower!

With this collection you can easily make chic cards, posters and any designs for printing and web. The quality of the monograms allows you to print this on large sizes. The set of two variants of the alphabet, in the texture of the gold foil and in the dark, as well as supplemented with buds, frames and paper textures.


  • 26 Gold Foil Alphabet PNG Letters 3000x3000 px
  • 26 Dark Tone Alphabet PNG Letters 3000x3000 px
  • 5 Black Paper Textures 6000x4000 px
  • 10 Vintage Paper Textures 6000x4000 px
  • 5 White Paper Textures 6000x4000 px
  • 9 Big Fower Buds
  • 12 Gold Foil Frames 4154x6000 px

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