LIQUID Distort Displacement Maps +

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You will be surprised at how many possibilities in Photoshop the displace effect has. You can:

  1. Create abstract background images from any source images with a pleasant color scheme.
  2. Transform text and images, add volumetric shades of shadows and highlights.
  3. Make flags, liquid art and water surfaces.
  4. Experiment with a little avant-garde and recklessness!

Buy this set in which there are 20 premium displacement maps 6000x4000 px 300 dpi, as well as a Template with smart layers, in which the effect of a volumetric shadow and a layer with the effect of 3D light and shadow are preset. Just replace the content of the layer with your design and choose one of the appropriate displacement maps.

Please watch this demo video to show how easy it is to work with the template from this product:

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