VECTOR GLITTER For Adobe Illustrator

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If you like this my Glitter Effect for Photoshop then now there is a completely vector effect for Adobe Illustrator!

You will receive a set of 52 glitters styles in 6 colors, 6 sparkle brushes and 4 background styles. The effect is applied instantly, with one click, you can choose a color, adjust the size of the glitter, add sparkles, copy objects into another document. The vector format can be used for any size of design, suitable for web design, printing and large format printing.


  • 6 Sparkle Brushes
  • Gold Square Glitter
  • Gold Hexagon Glitter
  • Gold Dust Glitter
  • Silver Square Glitter
  • Silver Hexagon Glitter
  • Silver Dust Glitter
  • Copper Square Glitter
  • Copper Hexagon Glitter
  • Copper Dust Glitter
  • Blue Square Glitter
  • Blue Hexagon Glitter
  • Blue Dust Glitter
  • Rose Square Glitter
  • Rose Hexagon Glitter
  • Rose Dust Glitter
  • Purple Square Glitter
  • Purple Hexagon Glitter
  • Purple Dust Glitter
  • Dark Background
  • Dark Background Vignette
  • Light Background
  • Light Background Vignette
  • User Guide.pdf
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